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Research Question

This is research question #3! This question asks, "Has using the internet caused problems between you and your parents?"

Exibit A

According to this bar chart, it was nice to found out that the majority of teens haven't skipped out on social events just to be online.

Exibit B

The survey question asked was, "Do you think you spend too much time online?". Slightly more teens felt that they didn't spend too much online, but is still a close tie, unlike the previous chart.

Exibit C

This chart shows internet frequency by how many friendships have ended because of it. As you can see, the more people that use social media, the more friendships are ruined.


How many teens damage their relationship with their family because of the internet? Very few, we think. If most teens haven't skipped out on social events, they know to prioritize their real-life relationships over their trivial social media. Half of teens also feel like they don't spend an excess amount of time on the internet, but the other half feels like they do. It's split almost evenly, with only a little more teens feeling like they don't over indulge in their social media. This might be why so many friendships have ended, due to the teens that feel like they do spend too much time online. It appears that teenagers aren't missing out on events, but problems may still arise due to social media.