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It's no doubt that millions of teens are using social media, whether it be every day or once in a while. With all the time being poured into social media, one could wonder if their behavior changes once they're online. On TeensOnline, we'll take a peek into teens' twisted minds and see the innerworkings of their psyche. Here, one may see how the internet may manipulate the young individual.

A word cloud showcasing what personal information teens are comfortable with giving out online.

Our team, Nick Stroh's Eye Color, surveyed two Exploring Computer Science classes and several individuals outside of the class. These people took two surveys made by our team, and with the data we collected, we constructed a few charts and graphs to display what we found out. It may shock you, it may startle you, it may make you upset, but it may also open your eyes. If you doubted that the internet could change someone, prepare yourself for some neatly compiled data to tell you otherwise.

A graph showing peoples favorite social media platform.

By Gerri - Nick - Victor - Filip